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The postures are tailored to suit all levels,  and so you would take the higher or lower option depending on how you feel on the day. This class always ends with a short guided relaxation. Yoga 7 runs classes each Tuesday throughout the year, so don’t let the school holidays be a reason to interrupt your practise.  There is also free car parking (limited at this venue) and wheel chair access in all Yoga 7 venues.

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A yoga class in the heart of the city centre of Worcester offering a yoga class ideal for those new to yoga or who those who already have a yoga practise. You have the choice of attending in person or doing the class online. You will become familiar with Pranayama, Yogic breathing techniques used to cleanse, detox and balance the left and right hemispheres in the brain.

Beginners Yoga Class

At Yoga 7 this Tuesday evening later class in Worcester City Centre, you will experience the benefits of proper breathing techniques such as deep abdominal breathing, alternate nostril breathing (anuloma vuloma), progressing to Kapalbathi breathing. Options are given to individual students who may struggle with more advance breathing techniques.

The physical bit is known in Sanskrit as Asana always starts with a warm-up to prepare not only the mind but the body too. The postures can vary week to week but the important ones always practise to enable us to deepen and strengthen our body and challenge our mind. Remember that who you are on the mat is generally similar to who you are in life. So if you are frustrated by repetition then you will be frustrated by repeating some postures each week. Yoga teaches us to deal with what is so in life and let’s face it, life can be repetitive.  Embracing challenges leads to change, acceptance and ultimately growth.

We will do Vinyasa flow, moving the body with intention and a focus simultaneously on the breath. Sun Salutations are a Vinyasa Flow and use the whole of the body. We do them slowly to start and then speed up in the second or third round. It is ideal for those unable to go faster in and out of postures to practise one round and then rest for the others or practise and hold a posture that felt right for you. Always remembering that the practice of Yoga is intuitive so listening to what does and does not work with your body on any given day. Remember too that our body changes on a daily basis so don’t expect the same from yourself each week.

The short guided meditation at the end of the class offers enormous benefit for de-stressing and relieving anxiety alongside numerous other health benefits.  Please don’t forget a blanket or layers, as your body temperature will cool down particularly after the Vinyasa element in class.

Seniors over 70 & full-time students drop in £7

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