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Yoga 7 Sinton Green Worcestershire


Yoga classes in Sinton Green Worcestershire at Grimley Peace Hall are each Wednesday evening. At Yoga 7 you will experience the benefits of proper breathing followed by the physical bit called Asana. The postures can be tailored to suit individual needs and there’s always the option to do something else if a posture doesnt feel right for you.  Please bring a blanket for Yoga Nidra, the relaxation at the end.


Yoga Classes by Yoga 7 in Worcestershire are here throughout the year so don’t let the school holidays be a reason to stop your practice.  With Yoga for beginners, intermediates and advanced Yoga students joining weekly the class is tailored to suit all levels.

Worcestershire Yoga Classes

Yoga on Wednesdays in Worcestershire is at The Grimley Peace Hall Sinton Green.

If you need a good internal cleanse then pranayama is a super tool designed especially for that. Most of the energy for the body that we need comes from the air we breathe and not from food and water alone. So learning breathes correctly is imperative. Most people think that they breathe correctly because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be here? However many people breath through their mouths, which are designed for eating, drinking and talking etc. Our noses are designed to breathe and the hair follicles and mucus membrane in the nasal passage act as natural filters, helping to purify the air as it goes in. People also breathe without engaging their diaphragm. When students first come to class I see their shoulders rising as they inhale and shoulders relaxing with the exhalation.  The shoulders should not be involved but the diaphragm only. Getting as much air into the lungs by expanding the abdomen on the in-breath and contracting the muscles in the diaphragm on the out-breath.

After the initial introduction to healthy breath work, we move onto the physical bit, this is what most people consider to be Yoga, but Yoga is so much more than that. The Asana as it is known, takes up the majority of time in the class. Depending on your strength and flexibility you will always be challenged. Yoga is an intuitive practise and so it is crucial to listen to your body during the practice and experiencing discomfort is encouraged but never pain.

Please don’t forget your blanket to take full advantage of the guided mediation and relaxation at the end of the class. This is known as Yoga Nidra and an opportunity to combine the good work of the pranayama with the asana providing a total chill time of 20 minutes.  Mats, blocks and straps are provided but you are encouraged to bring your own.

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