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Yoga classes are online in Worcester but accessible now to anyone anywhere, just remember to let me know which classes you want to join. When you pay for one class you can attend as many of the other classes as you like each week for free whilst classes are online.

Our online yoga classes have proved to be a huge success whilst living in these crazy times. Online yoga enables you to meet others where you live and stop the isolation whilst seeing the many benefits yoga brings at the same time.  Join in with family members or friends around the country and practise yoga together. There’s no need to be isolated in isolation and in fact some students are getting better acquainted via practising at home than in classes.



Yoga Online each Tuesday evening helps you start the week right. See familiar faces and practise together weekly with friends and family. You don’t need to be in Worcester either as the classes are online currently, you can be anywhere as long as you have internet and a device. Its recommended to shut down other apps you may have open on your device to assist with the transmission.

Whether you block book to reduce the price to £7 or pay the drop-in rate, as long as you pay for one class weekly you can join any of the other classes weekly for free whilst classes are online.

Experience the many benefits of traditional yoga online and see and feel the difference practise more than once a week makes. Doing yoga at home is recommended and the online classes will help you establish your practice for when things return to some kind of ‘normal’. You may even find you inspire other family members to join in too. As long as students are over the age of 11 years they are welcome to join the class.

You will ideally need a mat, strap and blocks. But don’t worry if you don’t have these as you can improvise. For example, a dressing gown belt makes the perfect strap, as long as what you are using is not elasticated. You may find you are more comfortable sitting on a chair or cushions for the pranayama breathing techniques if you don’t have blocks. As long as your hips are elevated higher than your knees for the pranayama breathing techniques, you will be fine.

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