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Yoga classes in Barbourne Worcester for beginners, advanced students and everyone in between. The postures are tailored to suit all levels and so you would take the higher or lower option depending on how you feel on the day. Yoga 7 Worcester classes run throughout the year so there’s no need to interrupt your practise because of school holidays.  This class always ends with a guided relaxation of 20 minutes. Free parking for students.



The Perfect Yoga Class Barbourne Worcester Venue

A superb environment to practise Yoga, the large Hall is big enough to fit 15 students comfortably and as its yoga you will need space around you to stretch out which you have in all Yoga 7 studios. In this class, you will experience the benefits of Pranayama, proper breathing techniques such as deep abdominal breathing and alternate nostril breathing (anuloma vuloma). Progression to Kapalabhati breathing techniques are available for students who are comfortable with alternate nostril breathing after two months of regular practise. Please do not practise Kapalabhati breathing at home.

The postures, or Asana, vary each week after the initial warm up of the body. We will practise a Vinyasa flow some weeks, which is the opportunity to move the body with intention with a focus on the breath. Sun salutations are included as a Vinyasa flow where many of the postures are incorporated in the sequence. This is always done slowly initially for any new students but also to help focus on the breath and each posture in the sequence. Yoga Nidra is how each class ends, so an opportunity to relax your mind and body for 20 minutes. The body temperature can drop significantly after the physical bit, so please bring a blanket for this or layers for this.

All equipment can be provided at no cost, so mats, blocks, and straps but if you do have your own please do bring them and this is recommended. Situated in Barbourne with free parking for students, this is the perfect yoga studio.

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