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Yoga 7 offers one to one tuition and private yoga classes to small groups…


Along with all the other yoga classes on offer, personal tuition is also provided in the comfort of your own home or at the Yoga 7 home studio in the City Centre of Worcester. Personal tuition varies from 45-90 minutes depending on what you prefer to focus on.

Personal Yoga Tuition

The idea of personal Yoga tuition is to help beginners to get a taste of it, particularly if there are any underlying health issues. If you have injuries and or ailments then personal tuition ensures that these are taken into consideration and modified according to your needs. We can also address various props that may support you. If you are shy or self-conscious then you may not feel comfortable in a class setting and so personal tuition will not only help you overcome that but,  you will feel more comfortable in a class situation as you will know what to expect and your limitations and strengths. You will also realise that the classes taught are not at all competitive but quite the opposite. Classes are totally inclusive and most people focus on their own bodies and limitations and strengths rather than anyone else’s.

If you have been practising Yoga but not feeling challenged by it and want to then the personal tuition class is a great opportunity to take you to practise to the next level. I am able to spend the time necessary to consider all options and any limitations, fears you may have that we otherwise would not do in class.

If you are a seasoned Yogi then personal tuition will support you in practising more strenuous postures that may require that one on one experience. For example, mastering the headstand can be achieved in a personal class, which we don’t always get time for in group classes. If you are unfamiliar with Pranayama and used to just focusing on the physical aspect of yoga then a personal class can not only introduce to the practice but give you a deeper understanding of its importance.

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