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Yoga Worcester
Classes for complete beginners

Best rated yoga class in Worcester 2019
Best rated yoga class in Worcester since 2014

Yoga classes in Worcester for complete beginners to the more advanced Yoga student & everyone in between. Come as you are and experience the difference Yoga makes to so many aspects of your life. After just 3 months of a weekly yoga class attendance you will notice real positive changes-using the physical to go beyond the physical.

Worcester Yoga classes incorporate Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. Sivananda Qualified RYS 300 hours and over 7 years of teaching yoga experience, classic yoga is available here in Worcester. Continued professional development includes Pregnancy yoga, Accessible Yoga, Teen Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga and an Ambassador for Accessible Yoga UK.

With regular yoga classes you will sleep better, build strength, reduces stress, boost energy, immunity, improve muscle tone and definition. Flexibility, weight loss, circulation, relaxation, happiness, and help and prevent osteoporosis. Treat back pain and stiffness, help stomach troubles and keep yourself fit. Improve your decision making and concentration efficiency, the benefits of a regular yoga class at Yoga 7 are endless.

Currently 5 public yoga classes weekly in 5 different venues in Worcester and surrounding areas, with personal tuition by appointment.  There is also a monthly Yin Yoga class available on the last Friday of each month. Yoga in the workplace, yoga in schools and care homes for seniors also available.  No joining fee, no contract, free equipment and free parking in each Yoga 7 venue, no cancellation charges (except personal tuition 24 hrs needed), wheel chair access in each venue too, nothing hidden and no small print -just Yoga.

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Yoga Classes To Suit To Your Needs

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for

Despite most yoga classes being tailored to suit the individual if you are a complete beginner it is worth attending a beginners class…

Accessible yoga


The classical asana class is adapted to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities or chronic…

corporate yoga


Finding that work life balance can be a challenge and so to help you yoga 7 come to your work environment…

pregnancy yoga


A Yoga Class modified for pregnant and post-partum women. These practices omit deep backbends…

yoga for children


Yoga 7 offers Yoga to Schools, Colleges & Worcester University. An opportunity to introduce young people aged 11 years upwards…

Yoga for over 50’s

Yoga for
over 50’s

It is never too late to take up a yoga practise. As you  approach the afternoon years of your life you body changes and so…

Fitness Yoga


Having a regular yoga practise can really help enhance your sporting performance helping you improve your personal…

One to One Yoga Class for Individuals or Small Groups

Yoga in the comfort of your own home!


free yoga lessons in worcester

Yoga 7 On The

Yogic Breathing Techniques

Claire from Yoga 7 talks about the health benefits of proper breathing techniques such as deep abdominal breathing, alternate nostril breathing (anulaoma viloma) and how such yogic breathing helps detox and cleanse the body.

Aerial Yoga - A New Concept

Claire from Yoga 7 talks about a new fad initiated by a former gymnast and choreographer ‘aerial yoga or anti gravity yoga. Although it is not yoga, it does look like a fun thing to do. Yoga is about becoming more grounded, and so to be considered Yoga, some part of the body needs to be on the ground.

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