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7 Benefits of Yoga 7 Classes

The Benefits of Yoga Practice

Feeling amazingOk this is not scientific, but a consistent yoga practice has been known to do all kinds of awesome things: from better metabolic function, to more balanced sexuality, to relief of pain, to enlightenment. Yoga can also help resolve and prevent back pain. Yoga can get people back to feeling their own magnificence.
Posture– Learning body awareness and basic alignment will encourage students to continue with good posture off the mat. From the feet all the way to the head, better posture also encourages a more positive attitude. A more open physical stance can help pave the way for a more open mental stance.
Hormones- Yoga can actually help regulate the production of hormones. For men and women, whether shoulder-stand or svasana (relaxing corpse pose), hormones are secreted and balanced more efficiently when a physical practice is consistently maintained.
Circulation -Yoga helps the flow of blood throughout the body. Transporting oxygen and nutrients more efficiently, yoga also relieves pressure off the heart, giving it a break.
Digestion – With twists, increased mobility and heart rate, Yoga can assist in better breakdown of food.  Gastrointestinal function has been shown to improve in both men and women whilst practicing yoga.
Stress – Controlling stress can be a big task. Yoga postures massage all internal organs and invigorate the entire nervous system promoting a sense of well-being.  When we make space through meditation, proper breathing (pranayama) and postures (asana), we develop more head space when we are off the mat.
Happiness – Because yoga helps stimulate hormone production, including endorphins, particularly when inversions are practiced, the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and hypothalamus are flooded with blood and nutrients, allowing them to work optimally. This can calm the mind, promote concentration, circulation and help achieve improved health and happiness.

More Benefits

If you want to de-stress, lose weight, become fitter, stronger and leaner you will see the benefits of Yoga 7 classes when classes are attended weekly over a period of at least several months. Yoga is an amazing tool for your overall health and well-being and works not only as a preventative to certain ailments but also can help cure certain ailments. If you need to take things easy due to injury or convalescing after an illness you will find enormous benefit from classes at Yoga 7, as long as your GP says its OK. If you are ready to take your fitness to another level then Yoga helps you do just that. You will be challenged in each class and given higher and lower options depending on your ability and how you feel on the day. Get in touch today and start your yoga journey.