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Community News

Community News

Here you will find our yoga public relations resources in the form of articles & radio show interviews about Yoga 7 in Worcester.

BBC Radio Interviews

The following are a number of interviews I have been invited to take part in for BBC Radio stations in relation to the yoga classes I provide.

Yogic Breathing Techniques

Claire talks about the benefits of proper breathing techniques such as deep abdominal breathing and alternate nostril breathing (anuloma viloma).

Ariel Yoga – It is just not Yoga!

Claire talks about a new concept in yoga that is growing in popularity. Anti-Gravity Yoga or “aerial yoga”, originating in New York but now being practised in several countries, which combines some traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock. It is definitely not yoga but looks a lot of fun.

Live Online Yoga with Zoom

Claire talks about the online yoga classes she offers to people across the UK and beyond. Particularly useful in current times but also very helpful for those who do not wish to leave the comfort of their homes that want to benefit from learning yoga.

Claire celebrates teaching yoga for 8 years in Worcester.

The online classes now the only way to access Yoga classes whilst we are self-isolating and social distancing have proved a huge success. Students are thrilled to be able to stay connected and maintain their practice. Students also love being able to catch up with each other before the classes begin and friendships have developed more since the dramatic changes we are all facing.

People are reaching out to each other and learning more about each other behind screens. It is so ironic that we are experiencing a closeness without being about to meet each other in person. Students are loving being able to access more than one class every week at no extra cost.

Zoom Online Yoga Classes

People who have never done yoga before are now online via Zoom and loving it. Now in our second year of online yoga classes students are noticing the benefits of practising more than once a week at such a reduced price. Online classes are definitely here to stay and are so easy to access. Share this with your family and friends and try traditional yoga today.