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Yoga St Swithuns Worcester City Centre


Yoga for all levels each Tuesday in Worcester City Centre. If you are experienced or a beginner you can see your strength and flexibility increase particularly if you practise more than once a week.

Classes are also available online should you find this fits more with your schedule or you prefer the online experience.  The link is usually sent an hour before the class starts via Whatsapp.

Ease your stress levels by committing to a weekly traditional yoga class including Pranayama breathing techniques to help equip you in coping with  life. The breathing techniques help to calm the mind and empty it so also help with preparing for meditation. The physical bit in the middle is tailored to suit all levels.


Yoga Classes in the City centre of Worcester. Each Tuesday starting at 6pm so come straight from work to add that health and fitness routine to your life.   You will find the breathing techniques particularly helpful in alleviating stress and also cleansing of your internal organs. You will be supported in increasing your lung capacity as well as balancing the left and right brain hemispheres.

The physical bit, known as Asana or postures will assist you in strengthening your body as well as helping to become more flexible. Classes are tailored to suit all levels and so whether you are an experienced Yogi or a beginner you will be challenged as much or as little as you want. Yoga is an intuitive practise and so it is important to listen to your body and experience discomfort for most postures but never pain. It is so important with online classes to listen to the instruction given and if something does not feel right, please do not do it. Most postures are demonstrated so do watch the demonstration however with some postures it is crucial not to move your head so watch before you begin, but this will all be explained in class. If you are joining the class online then your listening skills will be tested to get the most out of the postures as clear instructions are given for each posture.

Yoga is not at all a competitive practice so do not compare yourself with anyone else or with how your body was previously, our bodies are always changing, even on a daily basis. If your are online and you do not want to be visible on camera you do not need to be but there is more to be gained should you do so as i can give you feedback after the class in needs be. You will be given options depending on how you are feeling on the day so listen to your body and see how you feel.

We end the class with a full 20 minute guided relaxation. If you are joining this class online then feel free to listen to the full guided relaxation of 25 minutes available via the website latest news section should your home environment not be conducive to a quiet relaxation.  You can then listen to the guided relaxation should you wish, at your leisure or with headphones any time you wish. It is very much recommended that you use the guided relaxation as it not only completes the practice but is a powerful tool in enabling you to completely switch off both mentally and physically.

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