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Online Yoga

Classes are available in person and online from 3rd September 2021. For years we have hidden behind devices and isolated ourselves kidding ourselves that we are connected by social media, however, such relationships haven’t necessarily had much depth. The irony of the recent enforced isolation, is that, thanks to that same technology, we are reaching out to each other in real and meaningful ways and reconnecting with friends and family across the globe. Thanks to that same technology you can now practise online yoga at home with your family and friends where ever they may be. Find out about all our yoga classes here.

How does it work?

The times and days of the classes are all the same as advertised so you will see some familiar faces and meet new ones too.  You can choose to be either visible or invisible but ideally for me visible so I can see you and support you should you need to make any adjustments. You can practise in your PJ’s or anything you want as long as you are comfortable. So why not get the family involved and use this time to either deepen your practise or experience the many benefits that yoga brings for both mind and body if you are new to yoga.

You can pay online for all classes by first choosing the class time you prefer and then making your booking.

Staying connected through yoga,  is important more now than ever, as is getting an element of routine into your life or maintaining your fitness routine. You just need space enough for your mat ideally a wall or door in the same room. If you don’t have a strap you can use a dressing gown belt as long as what you use isn’t elasticated. If you don’t have blocks either sit on a chair or improvise using cushions or something to elevate your hips during the pranayama. You may also need a blanket for the guided relaxation at the end of the class, Monday and Friday mornings relaxation is 20 mins so to get super comfortable a blanket is ideal.

The feedback for our online classes has been excellent and students are really appreciating the experience of being and staying together without leaving the house. Saving so much time on the commute, traffic, parking etc.

I look forward to seeing you soon either online or in person