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Yoga for Beginners

Beginners Yoga Classes in Worcester are ideally for those new to Yoga and those who want to learn to understand their own body. Students will learn proper breathing techniques (Pranayama) in each class and progress over time and especially when the student is ready to. Despite most Yoga 7 classes in Worcester being tailored to suit the individual, if you are a beginner to Yoga,  it is worth attending a Beginners Yoga Class.

The breathing techniques  always start with deep abdominal breathing. Once students are comfortable using the whole of the diaphragm when breathing, alternate nostril breathing will be introduced. The breathing techniques then progress to include alternate nostril breathing with retention which increases again over time. The postures vary each week and can be adapted with higher and lower options offered to suit the individual students needs.

Yoga is getting more and more popular, with many people now becoming aware of its health benefits. Doctors are beginning to direct patients to Yoga rather than offering tablets, as such, Yoga is now readily available in every City in the Uk. Not only will this approach save NHS time and resources but people’s attitudes to Yoga are becoming more accepting and trusting with people experiencing an overall improvement in their sleep pattern and stress levels after only a few yoga classes.

Some people feel uncomfortable attending their first Yoga class as they don’t know what to expect, or whether that classes is right for them. Read students experiences here.

Beginners Yoga Classes in Worcester
A Beginners Yoga Class is tailored to suit all levels

Many people feel that Yoga is not for them because they are not flexible or strong enough to hold the postures, if this is you, then a Beginners Class is an ideal way to introduce yourself to the tradition and practise of Yoga. Doing yoga makes you become more flexible but perseverance is key. To reap the benefits that Yoga can offer, then a commitment is necessary. Attending a class weekly would be enough for you to experience the benefits of Yoga after a period of around three months however most people experience the benefits of pranayama and the guided relaxation after just one class.

Beginners Yoga Classes   in the city centre are currently being held  Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Beginners classes are in the City Centre of Worcester at St Swithun’s Institute on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday mornings online and evenings at the Horizon Hub, as well as Friday mornings also at the Ombersley Road Methodist Church, Barbourne. There is also a beginners Yoga class at St Peter’s Village Hall on Monday mornings and in Abberley, Worcestershire on Monday evenings. Classes run throughout the year, so there’s no need to interrupt your practise over the school holiday. If you would like to know more then please do get in touch, otherwise drop in to any of the classes and register online for more information.