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Yoga after 50

It is never too late to take up a yoga practise or attend a Yoga Class, yoga is especially for the over 50’s. As you approach the afternoon years of your life your body changes and so it is important to go with those changes focusing on strengthening and maintaining the body you have.

Women can especially benefit from a regular yoga practise assisting them as they go through menopause. Loss of bone density as we age and especially experienced by menopausal women can be helped by a regular yoga practise. Osteoporosis, another common complaint as we age, is improved by a regular yoga class as yoga helps build and maintain strong bones. Improved balance, carpal tunnel syndrome, yoga can be an incredibly effective tool especially when traditional breathing techniques are taught. Circulation is improved, swollen legs or kidney issues many yogic postures help with such issues and many more. Learning to listen to your body is vital and you do this in yoga.

Yoga for the over 50's
Advanced fish pose

Common complaints after the age of 50 are associated with the digestion, arthritis  and circulatory disorders all of which can be helped with regular exercise, proper breathing techniques and learning to relax your mind and body. In a Yoga 7 class you will experience more energy, a more positive outlook and an improved physical well being with a regular practise.

There are certain postures that will help with our actual posture as we age. For example the ‘fish’ pose helps prevent round shoulders and increase our lung capacity. The gentleman Robin pictured is doing an advanced ‘fish’ posture otherwise referred to as Matsyasana in Sanskrit. Robin is an advanced student with a regular practice at Yoga 7 since 2016 and he has seen dramatic changes in his strength and flexibility.

Having taught yoga to many students with advanced years including many people over 70 years, I have experience in working with all abilities. I am also  qualified in Accessible Yoga and am a UK Ambassador for Accessible Yoga and so am able to help with adjustments insuring classes are inclusive.

It is really important that you listen to your body working with how it is on that day and not over doing it initially. Over time with commitment to a regular yoga practise you will not only feel better, and sleep better, but will also notice your strength and flexibility increase. Yoga is a way of maintaining the body you have if you have looked after yourself and if you haven’t, then Yoga will speed up the transition back to a healthier new you.

As we age we tend to put on more weight not only due to hormonal changes and the slowing down of our metabolism. Yoga 7 classes can help so don’t panic, instead, come to one of the 90 minute classes and experience the benefits of the breathing techniques. Pranayama advanced breathing techniques can help with weight loss alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet and are introduced after 2 months of practise. Maintain the health you have and improve your wellbeing, with a regular Yoga practise at Yoga 7 you will begin to experience the many benefits of yoga.